GrapheneX recognizes the importance of research organisations fostering connections, collaborations, and cooperation with industries to successfully transition innovation from the laboratory to the marketplace. To achieve this mission, GrapheneX assembles a distinctive team comprising experienced entrepreneurs and scientists. Their collective goal is not only to translate conceptual ideas into tangible products but also to revolutionise conventional industries through the integration of frontier materials, advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and climate technology.

Our Team

Mr Stephen Wee

Founder, Director

Stephen is a highly entrepreneurial professional driven by a deep passion for developing and commercializing technologies that address the challenges posed by sustainability and climate change. His particular focus lies in the role of AI in supercharging ClimateTech research by enhancing the efficiency and reliability of renewable energy sources, advancing carbon capture and utilisation, developing sustainable materials, and addressing various aspects of environmental challenges. Motivated by the desire to make a tangible impact on society, Stephen is committed to fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within the research ecosystem. He actively supports aspiring entrepreneurs and startup ventures by offering valuable mentorship, guidance, and access to crucial resources. With his combination of entrepreneurial spirit, industry knowledge, and a keen eye for emerging opportunities, Stephen is a trusted catalyst for technology commercialization. He is devoted to driving forward advancements that lead to a more sustainable future and actively contributes to the growth and success of ground-breaking research ventures.

Dr.-Ing. Matthew David

Director of Research and Innovation

Matthew is a highly dynamic and accomplished professional, holding a PhD in Aerospace Engineering. He brings a wealth of expertise from both academia and industry, with his academic foundation seamlessly complemented by his extensive experiences in scaling up technology for commercialisation. Matthew is exceptional at bridging the gap between these two realms, leveraging his extensive network within universities, research institutions, and industry. His profound understanding of the challenges faced by startups and research organisations positions him to identify and capitalise on lucrative market opportunities, all while crafting effective strategies for emerging technologies. Through close and collaborative engagement with researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry partners, Matthew expertly refines and strategically positions technologies for competitive success. His track record makes him an indispensable asset in advancing technology commercialisation, ensuring that innovative ideas reach their full potential and impact in the ever-evolving landscape of academia and industry.